The Best Wallet for card tricks - reviewsA Quick Run Down of the Best Wallet for Card Tricks.

Russell, a regular customer to the magic shop, recently got in touch with the magic shop to ask some advice about the best wallet for card tricks. He was looking for the best billfold wallet to use for the card trick – signed card to wallet. He preferably wanted the playing card to end up inside an envelope inside the wallet. We realised many other of our customers would benefit from this information so we thought, hmmmmm, why not share it on our blog??!

When it comes to finding a wallet for card tricks, there’s plenty to choose from. However, if there is a lesson we have learned, it is that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So the best advice we can give is a quick run down of the pros and cons of some of the billfold wallets that are great for card tricks.

Options for a Billfold Wallet with Envelope Functionality.

There is only one Billfold size wallet on the market at the moment that will accommodate an envelope load for card tricks.

How Wallet - Best wallet for card tricks

The H.O.W. Wallet by Harry Robson – Here are some pros and cons:
– It is a Billfold that has an envelope function
– The spectator can remove the envelope with the signed card inside.
– It uses the Harry Robson Instant Reset method so you can reset your wallet super fast.
– It is not a cheap wallet, although the price does reflect its properties and quality.
– There are no other functions the wallet can be used for.
– Is a bit expensive to use as an everyday wallet



Here are some more Billfold Wallets that are great for card tricks with Pros and Cons.



Masika WalletMesika Wallet
– Cheaper price range
– Lovely soft leather
– Incredibly simple and natural wallet design, this looks like any other standard wallet.
– Load is not disguised as well (it still is not really obvious though)
– You should ideally Mercury Card Fold the card before the load.




Jerry-bill-foldBillfold Jerry O’Connell
– Looks perfectly natural
– Easy load
– No other functionality other than card load.





Realman Wallet - Wallet for card tricks


Real Man’s Wallet
– Cheap Price
– Very innocent looking wallet
– Load must be practiced more than other wallets in order to hit it 100% of the time
– It is not in a zippered compartment – but in a poppered one instead
– No other functionality.



Infinity WalletInfinity Wallet
– Peek device
– Multiple-outs
– Switching wallet
– Index system
– Price
– Load is similar to Real Man’s Wallet in that you must practice more to get used to it to hit it 100% of the time



Esionage WalletEspionage Wallet
– Natural looking wallet
– Peek functionality
– Shogun Function
– SUC function
– Card to wallet load
– Price
– Size (if loaded up on both sides of the wallet with credit cards, etc.).

So here are the quick pros and cons of certain card trick wallets on the market at the moment. There really is no best ‘one,’ they all have their merits and drawbacks. The best thing you can do is ask yourself what sort of card tricks and functionality you want to have and then match your needs to the pros and cons above!

As always, we hope this helps!


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How to use Flash PaperWhat’s the best way to use flash paper in your magic tricks?

Flash Paper is great for many different magic tricks. A bit of Flash Paper is perfect for jazzing up a routine, so your magic tricks have more… Pizzazz! For example, if you want to vanish something you can wrap it in flash paper and set it alight to make your item magically vanish in a ball of flames! You can use it to produce items too! Check out Kieron Johnson’s To The Max for a REALLY great routine that uses flash paper.

There are also magic tricks designed for use with Flash Paper. For example, the Flash Gun Electronic, this is a device that shoots flash paper out in a fireball from your hand! A great beginning or finish to any stage magic trick. There is Jay Sankey’s In A Flash. In this magic trick, a signed coin wrapped in Flash Paper burns a hole through half of the deck of playing cards and stops on the back of the spectator’s signed card!

Also check out Flash Notes, these are great for any money magic trick. Flash Notes are specially printed pieces of Flash Paper that look like bank notes. These Flash Notes allow you to borrow a banknote, screw it up into a ball or fold it up and then secretly switch it for the Flash note. When you set the Flash Note alight, it bursts into flames and disappears just as quickly it is very convincing that your spectator’s money burns into nothingness!

Flash Paper is a great way to add that extra something to your magic tricks. However,  you should be aware of the safety issues as well. Make sure you act and perform responsibly when using any flash product, for your spectator’s safety, not just yours!

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Bicycle Cards UK - Best DecksBicycle Cards UK Best Decks – Nov 2015

There have been quite a few new decks rolling out over November, in time for Christmas. In this edition of Bicycle Cards UK Best Decks, we have picked three decks that stand out for their originality. The Peak decks have two options, night and day. This is a really nice touch as you can theme which deck you use, to the time of the performance, or use it for ‘colour changes’ or transformations. The puzzle deck is simply stunning and the clever design gets even more fascinating, the more you examine it. Finally we look at the Dia de los Muertos deck. Seen James Bond Spector? Get in on the action with this stunning design..

Bicycle Playing Cards UKPeak Playing Cards illustrates each of Colorado’s fifty-three 14ers, which are mountains over 14,000 feet above sea level. The suits are custom created. The font for the pips is contemporary, thin, and compliments the design. A nice detail is that the direction of the lines for the hearts/diamonds and clubs/spades lean in opposite directions, making it easy to quickly distinguish between suits of the same colour. Find out more



Puzzle Deck - Bicycle Cards UKPuzzled Playing Cards have Puzzle piece card backs. It’s a cohesive strange aesthetic, as the more you inspect them, the more they start to look similar. The King, Queen, and Jack are represented by letter shaped puzzles which looks great! The ace of spades looks like many puzzle pieces that fit together creating a spade. With a soft colour tone, this deck handles well and looks beautiful. Find out more



Bicycle playing cards uk dia de los muertosDia de los Muertos 2nd Edition Black have a new design and new illustrations but still printed by USPCC, the Second Edition is a continuation of the themes explored in the first – the spirit, art and tradition of the holiday that is Dia de los Muertos. This time artist, Dave Edgerly, has added more depth of field, vibrancy and detail to a design that is a true evolution from last year. Find out more



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