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We have blogged about magician Troy already and shown a little preview of his magic from his new show Troy. We expect a lot of calls at the magic shop asking, ‘How does magician Troy do his magic tricks?!!?’ and for good reason too! We at the Merchant of Magic discuss what we can learn from watching TV magicians like Troy and Dynamo Magician Impossible.

Real name Troy Von Scheibner, Troy is the newest name in magic to hit the mainstream media, and we predict big things for this young talented magician! Just check out one of his new magic tricks here, in this little video Troy astonishes some people at his local barber's.

Troy Aired on 11th February on the UK channel E4 Troy and caused ripples in the magic community and the general public! His smooth and casual demeanor allows him to shock his unsuspecting spectators with his own brand of magic tricks!

So, how does Troy do his magic tricks? Unfortunately, that is for Troy to know and all of us to wonder!

Whenever the team at The Merchant of Magic look at the magic being presented on TV instead of trying to replicate what we see we like to try to learn from it and gather inspiration. Instead of asking, how does Troy do his magic tricks? or how did Dynamo Magician Impossible put the phone in the bottle? we simply enjoy the feeling and try to tweak the magic tricks we already do. If we like the magic tricks we see we think about how to take the magic we know already and elevate it to that miracle status. For example if you perform coin magic tricks is it possible to use their coins instead? By taking an item from a spectator and using it to perform magic, it instantly elevates the magic to a higher status in the spectator’s mind. They know there is nothing set up with their item, check out items like Manoj Bottle and Hide and Seek for some great magic with borrowed items. Also by performing magic in the spectator’s hands it can elevate the level of magic perceived by the spectator, a great example of this is Garrett Thomas’ Imagination Coins.

The viewing public understands that magic on TV is utterly impossible, but with the correct presentation and understanding of magic you can make your spectator’s feel the same way with simpler tricks suited for live performance. By utilising props like Loops, PK Magnets and even something as simple as a Raven or Thumb Tip you can create miracles for people if presented correctly.

If you really wish to leave a lasting impression on your spectators with your magic tricks you must ask yourself this question, ‘If I could really do magic, how would I present it to people, what would it look like?’


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83 thoughts on “How does the magician Troy do his new magic tricks?

  1. Its a con, he uses actors.Look at the comic book episode when a comic book ‘nerd’ was waxing lyrical about how good the superhero ‘Electricks’ was.There is no such superhero in any comic and the ‘comic’ itself was produced just for the show.
    He is a blatant fake.

    • of course hes a fake, in the very same episode he teleports to the oposite side of london bridge and the people are midlly shocked at what theyve seen, im pretty sure itd be in the news if a man actually moved 100ft over a bridge in a instant,

        • He uses paid actors/extras and camera cutaways. He may be able to do a card trick, but so can 50000 other people in the UK.

        • LOL Absolutely fake doesn’t mean he’s 100% phony, which means some of his tricks may be real, but it’s 100% real or absolutely NOT 100%, and thus fake.
          A lie based on partial truth is still a lie.

      • its because of this trick I ended up on this website looking for how that was done , but the way it was done could only have been done with editing….I can be stupid some of the time but not al the time…lol

    • I was actually on the show myself and I didn’t believe that it was real.. but when he performed the trick the cameras never stopped and I saw it with my OWN eyes. I still can’t believe I actually saw it but obviously they are all tricks I’m just mind-blown as to how he does them.

      • ALL Magicians are "Fakes" that's the whole point of "magic" His attention to detail is poor though, a comic shop that just happens to have a first edition supposedly worth £15k and he is just a "normal" punter (with camera crew in tow) plus wooden acting from the shop assistant. Then there's the cash machine gag, a completely unbranded cash machine on a street in central London, come on guys at least put some effort into your tricks. Then there was the Dynamo London bus trick, I happened by chance to see some of this (the levitation bit) filmed at Artem SFX in North London. DETAIL people DETAIL !

      • yeah isnt it! but if you have seen t he Masked Magician you can tell how they do some of the tricks he hasnt revealed all of them

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  3. Any one who can’t understand the Fakery of tv and the’magic’ of a cgi and special effects studio, needs to stop believing in spiderman also

    • Hey dude, how about you quit looking for every little thing and let people just enjoy watching Troy. We don't need you to ruin everything and to act like your a know it all, go watch animal planet or something. I actually like watching this Troy magician bc he makes people laugh and he looks like a honest person. Fake or not atleast he is a good man and beleives in himself and other people and sees good in everybody

  4. I understand that magic isn’t real and to expect some kind of realistic method, however some of the acting in the in this show is just cringe worthy and awkward. you have to ask yourself when using actors in this way how talented do you really have to be? Most people wouldn’t have the courage to pose as some super magician unless they had the talent…. this guy has a bit of talent (not in acting) and a lot of courage.

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  6. I it looks cool, pure entertament. Check all the people involved in the credits. People who belive in this are stupid. The global elite would be hunting him down as if he escaped from area 51 if he could do even a few of them.

    • Exactly, if he was a “real” magician, i.e. could actually teleport n stuff, then he would have been locked down in area 51 loooong time ago, as US definitely would like to find out how to extract such powers and transfer them to US military n stuff. You know what I am talking about!

  7. magic is magic, its all about make believe and the mystery of the unknown. He is an excellent person and truly amazing to watch. Please keep it up Troy!!!

  8. All ‘Magic’ has an element of lying and fakery about it. But they’re usually honest about that. But this is a step down from that. The big difference here is that the stunts he pulls off are only really seen by the tv viewers. Half the people in the show are actors and a lot of his stunts are just camera tricks. So, he’s a ‘fake’ fake. Which is not good.

  9. Troy has captivated my thoughts since seeing him on tv he is wonderful and some things he does extremely defies the natural laws of physics. random people, random times, random objects… he might have something on his side helping him, but really how did he create food in the pot with only writing on napkins??? how did he pull the top through the window??? truly entertaining!!

  10. Camera tricks? Actors? Some of the comments here are more mysterious than the magic. I would be ‘more shocked ‘ if a camera trick is used in the 21st century to put a guy on the other part of the bridge. But then how does this Troy do this. Even if he does one of these tricks he can call himself a Guru or Baba and claim a discipleship of 100s of stupid women.

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  12. I really hate the use of the words magic or magicians since it doesnt make any sense. Obviously is magic impossible so why call it this way. Would you call yourself a magician or say that you can do magic when it's not true. Now I do respect the people that make good tricks but please why not call it an illusion because that's what it is? I dont really respect the tv tricks or when there are actors in the audience because i find it too easy that's from something amazing like magic if it existed.

    • And I suppose you go around shooting lightning from your fingers…? As christians say about atheists: "Don't say something is fake unless you can prove it." Telepathy, Telekinesis and ESP are technically magic. These are REAL,,,lets see you call discredit those.

    • everything is real?
      and what about the comics “electricks”??
      (and the name also included the word “tricks”).

      • There are stupid comics around all the time. They're not all Marvel and DC. You get ones like Radioactive Man, Nuclear Girl and various stupid titles… Its not pushing it much to make a comic about a guy called Electricks.

  13. You are dumb, all magicians use trickery simple as that, it was not real 1ooo years ago and is not real now. All it is is good tv, I wonder if i asked him to move the pages of a book on a different book, and right in front of me? he would never do it, because he is on tv, i will challaenge him anytime anywhhere to do it in front of me me with my cards, phones, glasses anytime anywhere if he is so real and so good.

    • Kam,are you dumb ? You don’t know nothing about the power of mind ; Troy use the power of thought too. You have to study this subject urgente .

  14. tbh i just think he uses black magic. the next time you lot see him, ask him to walk on water and lets see if he’ll be able to pull it off.

  15. He has been able to tap into the side.of the brain that most of us can’t and manifest his thoughts into reality. Him like many other magicians that can do this disguise this as magic and make money and gain fame from it.

  16. Jeeeeezz,… Whats with all the haters on here,…??!! If you dont like the show,……Guess what? Change the channel. Sounds like some ppl are a little jealous too. Yeah, hes cute,..but its cool entertainment too. I like it, and will continue to watch and wonder,…. :)

  17. A choice of words… Magic, illusionist, performer, trickster.. however stated Troy is a street performer and with that in mind walking around from place to place as he does and the unexpected unknown around every corner that can not and could not be controlled even if the small camera crew and studio had hired actors would be to many scenarios to account for. With this being said I have watched all 3 episodes so far and have watched a bunch of other similar show and can say by far Troy has dumbfounded me on the tricks he is able to do weather it be CG or set up. His execution is pretty on point and cant wait to see the next tricks he come up with. Also him changing the billiard balls and the pot of soup was pretty impressive from my couch so I could only imagine what mind melting things he would pull off in front of your eyes. Keep striving Troy.

  18. His illusions are new and original. He’s new, but I predict that he will get even better as he accomulates enough success and funds to hire talented consultants who can “guide” him and encourage home to mature as a street magician. Respectfully, Dr. Preisz, a magic FAN.

  19. OMG! It’s entertainment no different than Chris Angel, Sigfreid and Roy and all the other magicians or illusionist of their time… all have been criticized at some point in their journey, Houdini was called a hack as well but considered one of the greatest magicians they all had their niche. Enjoy it for what it is the world is way to serious to be amazed and taken away from reality for a bit is in my opinion awesome! Keep up the good work Troy.

  20. I think a lot of Troy’s supporters are missing the point by his detractors: Anyone, with ZERO sleight-of-hand ability, but with a reasonably amount of showmanship can perform wonderful feats of “magic” if he’s got paid extras, multiple cameras specifically directed in certain ways to avoid giving away the secret, and special effects. This makes, say, Steven Spielberg an amazing magician – he brought dinosaurs to life before our very eyes, and all he used was multi-million dollar special effects and a closed set.

    The question therefore is “Can Troy perform all of these tricks live, in person, up close, to people NOT being paid to react a certain way?” If not, the guy may be reasonably talented, but it still makes him an actor in a special-effects-laden TV program. Sure, his show can still be classified as “entertainment” but there’s a definite difference in the type of viewer who is willing to sit through it knowing it’s mostly special effects, quick cuts, and camera effects, and those who’d only be interested to watch if we really can’t figure out how he did it without all those aids.

  21. I've worked with the show. It is a television 'production' with no 'magic' involved at all. The magic is thinking up new tricks and ways to bring them to life. It is put together very well by a very talented team.

  22. I don’t want to be a hater, but I was a bit insulted by the tricks I saw him do. The photo from the phone to the cup of the couple in front of a bridge, as an example. I do think he is talented but, I also think without the aid of the camera and help of those in on the trick, it would be a trick at all.

  23. I came here to decide if he was worth watching, given that he seems a bit like Dynamo judging by the trailer.
    It doesn’t sound like Troy is as awful as Dynamo at hiding the actors, but they might still be there. That ‘Appearing the other side of a shop window’ thing that Dynamo Wowed a street full of people with is the very definition of a staged set. I guess one episode can’t hurt.

  24. If you don’t BELIEVE in magic then you will not find I believe in magic and when I started watching when he first came on I said I wanted to be him so i started doing magic and doing it in front of people because troy inspired me to do it

    • cool do you continue to do it? what are some of the tricks you can do? on sy fy his no longer being shown on the that network I wonder way

  25. Just because you cant work out how a trick is done doesnt mean it was faked,as a magician I know a lot of the principles he uses,and yes some editingtakes place but only because you cant misdirect a camera, up close I promise you would bw just as fooled.

    • but why do they do that? why not do what is on tv so when we do meet them it can be done again! Plus its not how its done its do we as the audience become amazed!

  26. Saw a few episodes of Troy and I’m disappointed to say you can clearly see glitches in the video while some of the tricks are performed.

  27. Why can’t people just enjoy? Why are there always haters who seem to get THEIR enjoyment out of trying to ruin things for others?

    They are called entertainers for a reason! Get over yourselves…..

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